Magnificence by ManMo

‘Introducing the British designed collection of leather handbags ‘Magnificence by ManMo’.  Inspired by the power of femininity and expressed through luxurious leathers and vibrant colours.  These timeless pieces encapsulate elegance with an edge.’

Struzzo Lusso - British Fashion Designers Handbags

Struzzo Lusso

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Every piece in our collection is handcrafted from the finest leathers, silks, satins and precious metals.  Our passion is to showcase beautifully crafted designer handbags and accessories for you to cherish.

ManMo-Women's Designer Wallets


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ManMo handbags encapsulate Innovation, Fashion, Elegance, Passion and exuberate style with an edge…have you got your ManMo yet?

Designer Leather Handbags ManMo Monocromo

ManMo Monocromo

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